Dark Brown Oil Wax

Dark Brown Oil Wax

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We are excited to announce our customer favorite Oil Wax is now available in Dark!  This is a true brown color that has been added to the Oil Wax to create an aged look for your painted furniture pieces.  Save time by using this all in one tint with sealer.  Its about the consistency of a thin syrup and is so easy to use!  Basically just brush or rub on and then wipe dry - full instructions on bottle.

Our new Oil Wax contains a combination of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water repellent, water-mark resistant finish and sealer.  Oil Wax will dry to a smooth satin finish or can be buffed to build up a higher shine.

Oil Wax is non - toxic, all natural and has low VOC's!!  Oil Wax dries to a hard finish that offers tons of protection!

Oil Wax can be applied once and its done - no need to reapply over time.  Oil Wax should be used over porous finishes such as milk paint or unfinished wood.  Our Oil Wax is perfect for tabletops to furniture and everything in between.

Oil Wax is an oil based product and is amber in color.  Oil based products can sometimes yellow over time, especially with exposure to the sun.  This product has been tested over white milk paint and it has not yellowed the furniture as of yet, but the long term result is not available.  Use with caution over white paint.

Clean up with mineral spirits.  Should be used in temps 70-80 degrees to properly dry.  Recommended for indoor use only (water resistant, but not water proof.)

Coverage - coverage will vary depending on the type of surface its being applied over and how many coats are applied.  Generally, it will cover approx. 125-250 sq. ft. when applied over a porous surface.  On newer, relatively non-porous surfaces it will cover 250-450 sq. feet.  Test patches will provide a good indication of coverage for your specific project.

Available in 16 oz or our 4 oz sample sizes!

**REMINDER** Our Oil Wax & Tung Oils are an oil based product which can spontaneously combust if under the right conditions. Remember to dispose of all rags that you have used any oil based (stain included) product on in a metal container with a lid (you can buy them on amazon or grab one at any auto supply store). This is especially true if your in a hotter climate and rags are left bunched up. Sadly lots of house fires are caused from people just throwing oil and stain rags in the trash can. But this is easily preventable! There are some more disposing techniques and you can google them to see what will work best for you.**


Stir/shake product before use.  Pour into separate container to prevent contamination.  Clean surface of any loose paint and dust.  Apply full strength with a brush in long even strokes covering the entire surface and working the wax into the paint, don't let the product puddle.  Allow the Oil Wax to penetrate for 15-20 minutes and then wipe off with a clean lint free towel.  Follow up with another clean towel to make sure the excess product is removed and even.  Let dry for 12 hours and then 2nd coat can be applied to build up the protection and sheen.  Allow 24 hours to dry before use.

Clean up with mineral spirits.  Should be used in temperatures between 70-80 degrees to dry properly.  Recommended for indoor use only.  Properly dispose of used rags to prevent combustion.

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